Friday, November 11, 2016

Made You Up | Francesca Zappia

Okay, so I am so excited for this book I found it on a goodreads deal for 1.99, and I figured that it's time to read a little something different.
The main character in this book is named Alex and she suffers from schizophrenia hallucations. The first one happens when she is at a supermarket at the age of seven, I believe. This hallucation involves her and another boy named Miles and they set all the super red lobsters in the supermarket free and they make it to the ocean and live happily ever after. She tells her mom about this but she leaves the boy out, and she also mentions that the lobsters are bright red like her hair. Which of course, they only turn that color after you boil them. She ends up seeing a therapist, and going on to all kinds of drug cocktails. This book starts with Alex going to a new school and well, well, well, who does she see? Alex. The boy from her hallucation that she made up. Or she thinks she made up. I'm writing this review as I'm reading the book so I'm not currently sure of what is real and what isn't.
One thing I can tell is that some of Alex's halluications are just that as she mentions what she sees in the book. For example, at the beginning she talks about a bunch of security gaurds on a roof of the school. As a security officer myself, that is something that doesn't usually happens. Another one she mentions is that's she is in class and sees a lady bug and she herself knows it must be a halluication as well because instead of spots, well, this lady bug has stars instead. Because of this, at a quarter of the book, I am not completely sure if Miles is real or not. Is this made up? Is this all a little dream? I can't imagine a mother knowing that this is going on with her child and then proceeding to send this child on a bike to a school. Nor a mother not knowing that her child requires school uniforms that are 70 bucks a pop and then being fine with her child raiding a janitors closet for one.
Anyways, Alex is going to this public school and pretending to be normal when she knows she isn't. She goes to a party with a bunch of her new friends and has an episode. Come to find out, I was right! A lot of what she was seeing is a hallucation. I'm currently about halfway through and I am pretty sure that Miles is actually real, and he's a genius.
Okay, the rest of this has been written after I finished this book. Let me being that I'm probably going to be just gushing about this gem because this book was one of the best books I've read all year.
I absolutely loved Alex and her character. She is so smart and sarcastic and I felt like even though I do not suffer from this disease I could still relate to her. There are points in the book where Alex stops taking her medication, which I have done myself before. I have an autoimmune disorder so both of us deciding not to take our medication kind of results in dire consquences. Alex is also very mature, she realizes that her disease is getting worse and does decide to seek out the help she know she needs.
I loved almost all of the characters except for two. Alex's parents. I want to spoil this but I'm not going to because I'm not an asshole. But seriously. I want to knock some sense into those two. Just USGH.
ANYWAYS. As you can tell from the beginning of the post I thought I knew what was a hallucination and what wasn't.
Um, I was so wrong. I couldn't have been more wrong. There were parts where I literally screamed "WHAT THE HELL?" to my kindle and my raccoon so did not appericate that, but yourself a favor and pick this one up. I feel like I need to get a physical copy after my move because I know that this is going to be one that I read over and over and over again.
5/5 stars

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