Friday, September 16, 2016

Truthwitch | Susan Dennard

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I am aware that this book has been out for a hot minute and I'm pretty sure that everyone and their mother, best friend, neighbor, and cousin has read this book. I know I've had my copy for a good while. I found a signed hardcover at my local library bookstore..for a dollar so I grabbed that sucker up. I then proceeded to put it on my shelf and forget that I even had it..for months. I was coming back from North Carolina and BookOutlet was advertising another book sale, and I saw it on there for like 3.99, I believe. So like anyone else with a book "problem" I bought it. Again. Only this time I actually read it when it came in, and come to find out.. I am OBSESSED so I'm perfectly fine with having two copies of the same book when one is signed. :)
This book focuses on two main characters that are witches: Safi who is a super duper rare truthwitch (think Pikachu in pokemon go) and her thread sister Iseult. This book is mainly about Safi because her and Iseult started some trouble and now they have a bloodwitch (someone who can tell what kind of witch they are by smelling them) because he knows what Safi is and well since shes a super rare pokemon (witch) everyone is trying to catch her. What I really loved about this book is that while, yes, there is a romance in this, it really focuses on the friendship bond that Safi and Iseult share with each other. One of the witches doesn't automatically feel like she's better than the other with a haughty attitude, which when I fist began this book, I was so sure was going to happen.. I was just waiting for the shoe to drop. Neither one of them are perfect, but the way they work together, the way you can tell they have a friendship that's just so real really made me happy while reading this. Tell me how many YA novels decides to focus on that instead of the romantic love interest? Let me tell you how many I've found: NOT THAT FREAKING MANY.

It does take a good minute to really understand what is going on in this book at the beginning but this world building is so fantastic! It's kind of like an onion, where you have to peel back layers and pay attention to ALL the details to really understand it, but once you have it, you have it and you become engrossed and just so, so, so addicted. 

I don't usually fall for the over hyped books until months later and the hype has died down some but seriously. This one was hyped for a reason. I fell in love, and it broke my heart when it was over because I was not ready for it to end. 

I'm sitting here dying for the next one (Windwitch Jan 3, 2017) because patience, I have not. 

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