Thursday, October 27, 2016

Stealing Snow | Danielle Paige

Usually I can read a book in about a day or so because of my job and I just perfer books to tv. THIS FREAKING BOOK TOOK ME FROM OCTOBER 5TH TO THE 19TH TO FINISH THIS DANG THING AND IT PUT ME IN A READING SLUMP. I was SO excited for this book. I preordered this gem from Books of Wonder so it would be signed, excited. It was so insanely hyped. 
Unfortunally, this book fell more than a little flat for me.  
I loved the idea of a modern day Snow Queen retelling. I love fairy tale retellings and I have been reading a lot of them in the past year or so.   Okay. So now I'm going to talk about what I didn't like about the book, so get yourself some popcorn and tea. 
In the book, Snow states that she has spent most of her life in an insane asylum when in fact, she's not insane but because of one thing that happened in her childhood. I HATE STRONGLY DISLIKE THE WAY MOST AUTHORS PORTRAY MENTAL ILLNESSES IN BOOKS. Give me something real. Don't just go google a few symptoms and then decide to throw it in your book. I'm not okay with that and I never will be. I have suffered through mental illness, and I was not put on this earth for your personal entertainment. Cool? Cool. Let's continue. 
I feel like there was next to zero character building in this story. I might pick up the next one from the library  when it comes out but I will not be preordering it. I feel for the hype and the hype let me down. 

2/5 stars. 

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